Gus (volacious_gus) wrote in aus_tv,

TV Downloading in Australia?

Hello all in the aus_tv community!
Since you all love your TV, I'm hoping this will be quite relevant to you :-)

I'm needing your help. Well, salacious_adz needs your help, more to the point.

He's conducting an honours thesis survey on Downloading TV in Australia, and in particular the impact on Free-to-Air stations.
A lot of unofficial polls have been done, for example one-question polls in online newspapers. This however is to his knowledge the first official study of its kind conducted in Australia.

I urge you to please fill out the survey, leaving as much detail as you can, whether you download or not.
It's only open to Australians, but in a community like this I don't think that's much of a problem.
It's difficult getting enough people sometimes to take the time to fill out these things, and it takes about 2 minutes to fill it out completely, and is completely anonymous.
If nothing else, take the opportunity to express your frustration and / or appreciation for how TV operates in Australia.
The results so far are quite surprising!

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